Video+photos of Shatta Wale drinking ‘Porridge’ & ‘Bofrot’

Controversial dancehall artist Shatta Wale has been pictured taking some early morning ‘Koko’ and ‘Bofrot’.

The self acclaimed only Ghanaian richest artiste seemed to be enjoying the sweetness of the food.

Photo of Shatta Wale drinking 'Koko' & 'Bofrot'


As rich as he constantly claims to be, one would expect him to feed on Pizza and Burger each early morning.

However, he has not forgotten about his ‘Ga’ culture.

Shatta Wale for obvious reasons is trending across the world with his hard work and efforts he puts in whenever he jumps on beat.

He recently received a legendary accolades from New York rapper, Mariahlynn.


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