Tainted Fate Free Download

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Tainted Fate Free Download

Massacre those who wish to orchestrate your destiny. Dismember any living being. Spawn your minions to aid you in your quest for blood. Grab enemies and tear their limbs off. Spawn your minions to take the heat off you or spawn critters that blow up on contact. Teleport into enemies for an instant kill. Throw explosive objects into crowds of enemies. Slow down time for extra precision while dismembering enemies or throwing objects.

Tainted Fate Free Pre-Installed

Mix and match abilities for wild combos resulting in a spectacle of blood and flying body parts VR games should have a minimal HUD with as little text and as few numbers as possible sticking to your face. That’s why Tainted Fate has no HUD at all. The ability you have selected is visible through your hands. The colors fade as you take more damage. Haptic feedback, visual and audio cues help immerse you into the world of Tainted Fate.

Repack By: GOG

Game Size: 1.73 GB

Game: V Initial Release



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