Space Company Simulator Free Download

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Space Company Simulator Free Download

Design and build rockets that will take humanity to the stars! Space Company Simulator is the ultimate management game set in the space industry. Take on the challenges of the space transport industry. Manage your company effectively to win the technological and financial race to the top. Launch rockets, satellites, spaceships, and orbital stations while becoming a new major player in the space industry! Space Company Simulator genuinely reflects the challenges of the space industry in a way that no other video game has done before.

Hire a world-class team or train your loyal workers into aerospace geniuses.
Research new technologies and improve existing ones.
Take on new contracts. Launch different corporations into space and get rewarded with funds to develop your company further.
Design and build rockets. Customize your spacecraft and unlock new, better components to ensure the success of every mission.
Created by space geeks, for space geeks. Our team put in hundreds of hours of painstaking research to realistically reflect the aspects of the space industry.

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Game Size: 2 GB

Game: V Initial Release



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