Okada Man Raped Me While On My Menstrual Period, Abia Rape Victim Narrates

A young lady who hails Ibinukwu Igbere, Bende local government area of Abia State has narrated how she narrowly escaped death from a suspected daredevil serial rapist, identified as Chike.

Okada Man Raped Me While On My Menstrual Period, Abia Rape Victim Narrates
Okada Man Raped Me While On My Menstrual Period, Abia Rape Victim Narrates 4

Narrating her ordeal to ABN TV in Umuahia, the victim whose identity we do not wish to put in print further said the accused, an okada rider severally had his way even as her menstrual blood flows, attempting to strangle her to death upon resistance.

According to her, when she realized that she was gradually passing on when Chike strangled her with a pillow and threatened to dump her corpse in the forest, she begged him to spare her life.

In an emotionally-laden voice, the victim said trouble started when the accused person who had made unsuccessful advances on her in the past took her to a lonely area, pretending to take her to a drinking joint for some drinks.

According to her, she had innocently boarded the suspected criminal to convey her to a place where she can charge her mobile phone as a result of lack of power supply in her home.

This she said is not the first time she has boarded the said suspect’s okada for errands in the community.

Unsuspicious of his criminal intentions on a fateful day, she willingly obliged to his advise of going to a location known as Blue Zink against her initial intention of going to a place called Mobek to charge her phone.

“I obliged because I have been there for once or twice. As He was taking me there, he didn’t even take me to the bar to buy me the drink or let me charge my phone. He gave one girl the phone to charge for me. I then entered his back again (I’m even judging myself). He took me to a big house with a mighty gate.

“It was a lonely place so I walked in. I asked him where we are, he said it’s his house. He said he brought me to his house so that my boyfriend who is from his community will not see us in the bar.

“He asked what I want, I told him, so he bought three bottles of the drink. I drank one while he had one bottle. He was forcing me to finish the remaining bottle but I said no because I have not eaten.

“After he pressurized me, I opened it and drank a little. He started telling me that he wants me to be his girlfriend. I told him I can’t because I have a boyfriend, who is from his community.

“He said okay, since it’s not possible, he wants to have sex with me. I told him I’m in a relationship, that I cannot do that.

“He became angry, telling me that I did a similar thing last time he bought me drinks, that I had his drinks and left just like that. That today, he must sleep with me.

“He pushed me down on his bed and used a pillow to close my mouth while I struggled to breath, gradually dying. He pulled my hair while I shouted. He said he will kill me and dump my dead body in the forest.

“He removed his cloths and started raping me with my menses. My blood was coming out but he continued.

“I put on my cloth, preparing to go but he came for the second time and started raping me again. Even when I was begging him that my vagina is paining me, he didn’t listen.

“After that one, he came again. I was in pain, begging him to allow me to go, he refused” she told ABN TV.

According to her, the criminal rapist had insisted that she denounces her relationship with her boyfriend, then pack her belongings to his (rapist) house before he can allow her to go.

Okada Man Raped Me While On My Menstrual Period, Abia Rape Victim Narrates
Okada Man Raped Me While On My Menstrual Period, Abia Rape Victim Narrates 5

When summoned by the community, Mr. Chike admitted to committing the crime, saying his grouse is that the victim ate his money.

Source:- Abntv

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