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Oghoghosa Song By DJ Brown Osaghe Free Mp3 Download

God bless you all dearly for listening and sharing the Lord’s amazing song. This song God has given us not only to inspire yet it is also to encourage that in life we have a divine journey. Through it all we will go through losing a lost love one, persecution, trail and many other obstacles.

This life we live out the puzzle piece together to give us the master key piece that write our story not as a testimony to others. It will leave a mark of a high calling as a reminder you and I are here for a reason and purpose.Psalm 31:15

My life, my every moment, my destiny—it’s all in your hands. So I know you can deliver me from those who persecute me relentlessly. Thank you all for supporting and supporting God Kingdom. It is not easy in time we live in.Yet it for the Lord it is so worth May the Lord heal you, deliver you, mold you and show blessing of favor over you through your obedience and faithfulness
as you listen and share the music.

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