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King And Country 1965 UK Full Movie Download Free HD . During World War One, the British troops are entrenched at Passchendaele, Belgium. Among the volunteers there is a young British soldier, Arthur Hamp, who is the sole survivor of his original company. Hamp spent three years in the trenches and this makes him a veteran.

He has never been accused of cowardice but one day he simply decides to leave the war behind him and walk all the way home to Britain. In Calais, France, he is challenged by a Military Police patrol who promptly arrests him for leaving without permission. Hamp’s commanding officers decide to convene a Court Martial and charge him with desertion. If found guilty, Hamp could be shot by a firing squad. King And Country Full Movie Download Free HD

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King And Country Full Movie Download Free HD Captain Hargreaves is assigned to be Hamp’s defending attorney but he seems skeptical about his chances of acquittal for the deserter. During their first talk, Captain Hargreaves is impressed by his client’s utter sincerity and naivete. He learns that his client volunteered on a dare by his friends back home, spent three …The last time Britain was a major force in world cinema was in the 1960s; a documentary of a few years back on the subject was entitled ‘Hollywood UK’.

This was the era of the Kitchen Sink, social realism, angry young men; above all, the theatrical. And yet, ironically, the best British films of the decade were made by two Americans, Richard Lester and Joseph Losey, who largely stayed clear of the period’s more typical subject matter, which, like all attempts at greater realism, now seems curiously archaic. King And Country Full Movie Download Free HD .

Download King And Country in 720p BluRay (702 MB)↓

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