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Introduction to Detox Diet Plans

A detox diet program isn’t aimed for weight reduction. It aims to clean and revitalize the human body by pairing natural organic foods, straightforward workouts and herbs to purge the body of accumulated toxins. Over time, consumption of prepared foods, non-vegetarian foods, and sugars results in clogging of the inner walls of the colon with waste matter. This results in overloading of inner cleansing organs as kidneys as well as liver. They become sluggish, allowing the toxins and bacteria to re enter the circulatory system rather than complete elimination through feces, urine or sweat. These toxins result in fatigue, infections of other organs and skin, heartburns, flatulence, migraines, constipation and many other serious diseases. A typical detox weight loss plan can rid the body of the accumulated toxins and produce an established healthy existence.

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Overall Detox Diet

General Detox Diet

This diet is not for diabetics, low blood pressure patients, anorexic men and women or maybe young adults, as it doesn’t provide sufficient fuel for their physical activities. It can certainly be a weeklong diet of liquids, organic raw veggies and fruits to cleanse the system. Gradually re-introduce other foods but refrain from eating non-vegetarian and processed foods. Some natural herbs too may be used.

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24-Hour Detox Weight loss plan

24-Hour thc detox adelaide – relevant webpage – Weight loss plan

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This is a quick and simple way to revitalize the system of yours, after a binge or even over indulgence.



A glass of pomegranate juice (most effective natural anti oxidant) with a few almonds (source of petroleum and proteins)

Mid Morning Snack

Mid Morning Snack


Mid-day Snack


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