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Song TitleHuman Nature
ArtistMichael Jackson
GenrePop, R&B, Soul
SongwritersSteve Porcaro, John Bettis
ProducerQuincy Jones
LengthApproximately 4:06
LabelEpic Records
Chart PositionReached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100
TagsHuman Nature, Michael Jackson, Thriller, 1982, Pop, R&B, Soul, Steve Porcaro, John Bettis, Quincy Jones, chart success, certifications, music video, album, iconic, beloved, classic.

“Human Nature” by Michael Jackson: A Timeless Ballad from the “Thriller” Album

Human Nature” is a song recorded by the legendary American singer Michael Jackson. It was released as the fifth single from his hit album, “Thriller,” which was released in 1982. Written by Steve Porcaro of the band Toto and John Bettis, the song showcases Jackson’s smooth vocal delivery and has become one of his most beloved and enduring hits.

The track was initially intended for Toto’s album “Toto IV,” but producer Quincy Jones, who was working with both Jackson and Toto at the time, thought the song would be a perfect fit for Jackson’s “Thriller” album. Jones was highly impressed with Jackson’s performance on the track and believed it would resonate with a wide audience.

“Human Nature” is a beautiful and introspective ballad that explores the complexities of human emotions and relationships. The lyrics speak of a yearning for connection and understanding, highlighting the common experiences that unite people. The song’s heartfelt and universal message struck a chord with listeners around the world.

Musically, “Human Nature” features a catchy melody and a lush arrangement that combines elements of pop, R&B, and soul. Jackson’s vocals soar effortlessly over the smooth instrumentation, creating an atmospheric and captivating sound. The song’s production is characterized by its layered synthesizers, subtle guitar work, and gentle percussion, which contribute to its timeless appeal.

Upon its release, “Human Nature” received positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. It peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reached the top of the charts in several other countries. The song’s success further solidified Jackson’s status as a global superstar and contributed to the massive success of the “Thriller” album, which remains one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Over the years, “Human Nature” has continued to be a staple in Jackson’s catalog and is often performed during tributes and memorial concerts dedicated to the late artist. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Jackson’s artistry and his ability to create music that resonates with people on a deep emotional level.

Beyond its initial release, “Human Nature” has been covered and sampled by various artists in different genres, showcasing its timeless appeal and cross-genre influence. Artists such as Chris Brown, Nas, SWV, and John Mayer have all paid homage to the song in their own unique ways.

In conclusion, “Human Nature” is a captivating and introspective song that showcases Michael Jackson’s artistry and ability to connect with listeners. With its heartfelt lyrics, beautiful melody, and atmospheric production, the song remains a beloved classic in Jackson’s discography and a testament to his enduring impact on popular music.

Background and production

“Human Nature” was written by Steve Porcaro, a member of the band Toto, and John Bettis, a songwriter who had previously collaborated with artists like The Carpenters and Madonna. Porcaro came up with the chord progression and the initial melody for the song, which he then presented to Bettis.

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The inspiration for “Human Nature” came from a concept Porcaro had in mind. He wanted to create a song that captured the feeling of being alone in the city at night and reflecting on one’s life and relationships. Bettis loved the concept and worked with Porcaro to develop the lyrics that would convey the desired emotions.

The song eventually made its way to Quincy Jones, who was serving as the producer for Michael Jackson’s highly successful “Thriller” album. Jones instantly fell in love with the track and believed it would be a perfect fit for Jackson’s style. He presented it to Jackson, who was equally impressed and decided to include it on the album.

The production of “Human Nature” was a collaborative effort between Jackson, Jones, and the session musicians involved. The recording took place at Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles. One notable aspect of the song’s production is the use of synthesizers, which create a dreamy and atmospheric sound. Greg Phillinganes, who played keyboards on the track, added the iconic opening sequence that has become synonymous with the song.

Jackson’s vocal performance on “Human Nature” is particularly notable, showcasing his smooth and soulful delivery. He effortlessly captures the song’s introspective and emotional essence, infusing it with his trademark style and charisma.

Overall, the production of “Human Nature” is characterized by its attention to detail and the seamless blending of various musical elements. It perfectly captures the desired mood and elevates the song’s emotional impact. The collaboration between Jackson, Jones, Porcaro, and Bettis resulted in a timeless and captivating track that has stood the test of time.


“Human Nature” is a composition that combines elements of pop, R&B, and soul to create a captivating and introspective ballad. The song is structured in a traditional verse-chorus format and features a memorable melody that hooks listeners from the start.

The song begins with an instantly recognizable keyboard intro, played by Greg Phillinganes, which sets the atmospheric tone for the track. The intro is followed by the first verse, where Jackson’s smooth vocals take center stage, accompanied by subtle instrumentation.

The lyrics of “Human Nature” delve into themes of human emotions, relationships, and the yearning for connection. The song explores the vulnerability and desire for understanding that are inherent in human nature. Lines like “Looking out across the nighttime, the city winks a sleepless eye” paint a vivid picture of someone contemplating their existence amidst the bustling cityscape.

The chorus of the song is a catchy and memorable hook that serves as a powerful anchor throughout. The lines “Why, why, does he do me that way?” express a sense of longing and confusion in the face of complex human interactions. The chorus is repeated several times, emphasizing the song’s central theme and allowing it to resonate deeply with listeners.

Musically, “Human Nature” features a layered and textured arrangement. Alongside the keyboard-driven intro, the song incorporates a blend of synthesizers, subtle guitar work, and gentle percussion. These elements work together to create a dreamy and atmospheric sound that perfectly complements the introspective nature of the lyrics.

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The bridge section of the song provides a brief departure from the main melody and adds an additional layer of emotion. Jackson’s vocal ad-libs and harmonies during this section further showcase his vocal prowess and add depth to the composition.

The composition of “Human Nature” demonstrates the careful attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating the song. From the captivating melody to the evocative lyrics and the atmospheric production, every element works harmoniously to create a timeless and memorable piece of music.

Overall, “Human Nature” is a composition that stands as a testament to Michael Jackson’s ability to create music that not only entertains but also touches the hearts of listeners. Its introspective lyrics, beautiful melody, and well-crafted arrangement have solidified the song as a classic in Jackson’s discography and a beloved favorite among fans.

Release and reception

“Human Nature” was released as the fifth single from Michael Jackson’s iconic album “Thriller” in 1983. The song followed a string of highly successful singles from the album, including “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.”

Upon its release, “Human Nature” received positive reviews from music critics. Many praised Jackson’s smooth vocals and the song’s introspective and relatable lyrics. The atmospheric production and memorable melody were also highlighted as standout elements of the track. The song’s introspective theme resonated with listeners, and it quickly became a fan favorite.

In terms of chart performance, “Human Nature” achieved moderate success. It peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the fifth consecutive top ten hit from the “Thriller” album. The song also reached the top 20 in several other countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Despite not reaching the top of the charts, “Human Nature” has remained a beloved and enduring hit in Jackson’s catalog. Its popularity has endured over the years, and it is often regarded as one of the standout tracks from the “Thriller” album.

The song’s cultural impact and longevity are evident in its continued presence in popular culture. It has been covered and sampled by various artists from different genres, further cementing its status as a classic. Artists such as Chris Brown, Nas, SWV, and John Mayer have paid homage to the song in their own musical endeavors.

“Human Nature” has also become a staple in tributes and memorial concerts dedicated to Michael Jackson following his passing in 2009. Its emotional depth and universal message make it a fitting tribute to the late artist and a reminder of his immense talent.

Overall, the release of “Human Nature” garnered positive reviews and solidified its place as a fan favorite. While its chart performance may not have matched the heights of some of the album’s other singles, its enduring popularity and influence on subsequent generations of artists demonstrate the song’s lasting impact.

Charts Success

“Human Nature” achieved moderate success on the charts upon its release in 1983. While it did not reach the top positions on many charts, it still managed to make a significant impact and became a beloved hit.

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In the United States, “Human Nature” peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It spent a total of 19 weeks on the chart, showcasing its staying power and popularity among listeners. The song’s success on the Hot 100 further contributed to the overall success of the “Thriller” album, which spent a record-breaking 37 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

Internationally, “Human Nature” also performed well, although its chart positions varied from country to country. In the United Kingdom, the song reached number 33 on the UK Singles Chart. It fared better in Canada, where it reached number 10 on the RPM Top Singles chart. The song also achieved success in Australia, peaking at number 16 on the Kent Music Report.

While “Human Nature” may not have reached the top of the charts in many countries, its enduring popularity and status as a fan favorite have solidified its place in music history. The song’s impact goes beyond its initial chart performance, as it continues to resonate with audiences and remains a beloved classic in Michael Jackson’s discography.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the success of “Human Nature” should be viewed in the context of the larger success of the “Thriller” album, which remains one of the best-selling albums of all time. The album’s other singles, such as “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” reached higher positions on the charts and achieved greater commercial success. The collective success of the “Thriller” singles contributed to the album’s widespread acclaim and its status as a cultural phenomenon.

Overall, while “Human Nature” may not have achieved chart-topping positions, its enduring popularity and continued recognition as a classic demonstrate its success and lasting impact in the realm of popular music.

Music video

The music video for “Human Nature” was not released as an official standalone video by Michael Jackson or his record label. Unlike many of his other singles from the “Thriller” album, “Human Nature” did not receive a dedicated music video with a narrative or visual concept.

However, it’s important to note that live performances of “Human Nature” were captured on various occasions, which can be found on concert films and documentary footage featuring Michael Jackson. These performances showcase Jackson’s charismatic stage presence and his ability to captivate audiences with his vocal delivery and dance moves.

Additionally, in recent years, fan-made videos and tributes featuring the song have emerged on platforms like YouTube, where fans have compiled footage of Michael Jackson performing “Human Nature” from different live concerts and events.

While there is no official music video for “Human Nature,” the song itself remains a beloved classic and continues to be celebrated for its powerful lyrics, captivating melody, and Michael Jackson’s remarkable vocal performance.

Credits and Personnel

The credits and personnel for “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson are as follows:

  • Michael Jackson: Lead vocals
  • Steve Porcaro: Songwriter, keyboards
  • John Bettis: Songwriter
  • Quincy Jones: Producer
  • Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards
  • David Williams: Guitar
  • Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
  • Steve Lukather: Synthesizer programming
  • Jerry Hey: Horn arrangement
  • Gary Grant: Trumpet
  • Larry Williams: Saxophone
  • Kim Hutchcroft: Saxophone

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and may not include all individuals involved in the creation of the song. However, it includes some of the key personnel credited for their contributions to “Human Nature.”


Certainly! Here’s an example of an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) presented in table form:

When was “Human Nature” released?“Human Nature” was released in 1982 as part of Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller.”
Who wrote “Human Nature”?“Human Nature” was written by Steve Porcaro of the band Toto and John Bettis.
Did “Human Nature” reach the top of the charts?While “Human Nature” achieved moderate chart success, it did not reach the top position on major charts.
Has “Human Nature” received any certifications?As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, “Human Nature” has not received any official certifications.
Are there any official music videos for the song?No, there is no official standalone music video for “Human Nature,” but live performances of the song exist.
Which album does “Human Nature” belong to?“Human Nature” is featured on Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller,” one of the best-selling albums of all time.
Has “Human Nature” been covered by other artists?Yes, “Human Nature” has been covered and sampled by various artists from different genres over the years.
What is the duration of the song?“Human Nature” has an approximate duration of 4 minutes and 6 seconds.
Who produced “Human Nature”?The song was produced by Quincy Jones, who worked extensively with Michael Jackson on the “Thriller” album.
Is “Human Nature” considered a classic?Yes, “Human Nature” is considered a classic and remains a beloved and enduring hit in Michael Jackson’s discography.

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