Founders’ Fortune Free Download

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Founders’ Fortune Free Download

When your colonists arrive, they have nothing but the clothes on their backs. You take control and tell them to gather materials and build walls, floors and furniture. You are not limited to predefined buildings! Design your own houses and style them to your liking. There are dozens of construction and furniture elements that you can use to create the settlement you’ve always dreamed of! The colonists are your top priority. At first, you simply need to provide them with food and shelter. But the world is full of dangers! An infection might prove fatal to the strongest warrior and a plague can wipe out your entire colony. Each colonist reacts to events, happy or sad, and reflects that in their behavior.

Founders’ Fortune Pre-Installed Game

Happy colonists will receive a boost to their productivity – Unhappy colonists might throw a temper tantrum. In an ideal life, all your wishes come true, at least that’s what Toni thinks. Fulfilled wishes can promote good moods, while hunger, injuries, boring conversations, or even nightmares will make your citizens feel bad. If you ignore the needs and wishes of your colonists for too long, one of them might have a breakdown and throw a trantrum. Food matters. Good food makes colonists happy, wrong food makes colonists sick, little food makes colonists slow, and no food makes colonists die. Grow a variety of seasonal crops and set up a kitchen to make delicious meals. Be sure to stock up before winter hits and act quick when a swarm of hungry bugs descends upon your fields!

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Game Size: 190 MB

Game: V Initial Release



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