First round of negotiations between Ghana and the IMF have concluded.

IMF rejected the financial documents submitted by the finance minister for the bailout and labeled them as fake and cooked figures.

The IMF rejects government responsibility for the COVID 19 fund, describing it as misappropriation and falsified data

According to the IMF, there is excessive government revenue disbursement and expenditure fraud.

IMF questions the ghana bond issues brought up by the Finance Minister

The IMF questions why Data Bank is the only bank that serves as the depositary or receiver for all accumulated government loans.

IMF questions the allowances for teacher and nursing education

The IMF decided against hiring in the public sector from now until 2024.

IMF questions the use of an e-levy as a loan guarantee for the government

In the public sector, layoffs are imminent.

The IMF questions the pay inequality in the public sector

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