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Find the Causes for Low Testosterone

Male menopause occurs in between the ages of forty and fifty five due to men getting tight on testosterone with age. Although the sources because low testosterone may provide an interesting subject for discussion, for the men (and females) who are afflicted by it, it’s a question of reclaiming the pleasure in their lives.

Although the sources of low testosterone can be extremely technical as well as tough to understand when medical jargon is used, this article will try to explain why some males are low on testosterone in while keeping the jargon to a minimum.

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The cause of low testosterone is as soon as the testes create less testosterone. Having low testosterone is a byproduct of complicated biological, hormonal, and chemical changes.

Low testosterone begins with an intricate chain of signals which begins in the human brain. This chain is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in which an extremely complex biological sequence of events is triggered. The production of 2 human hormones by the pituitary gland as well as hypothalamus decrease causing the Leydig cells of the testes manufacturing a lesser amount of testosterone.

These causes for low testosterone will come from harm to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or perhaps testicles inhibiting hormone production. Natural life events oftentimes would make this a difficult to stay away from occurrence.

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The causes for low testosterone that occur in men can also be a direct result of one’s lifestyle. Lack of training, unhealthy diet, smoking, and excessive drinking tend to be sources of low testosterone that may be customized by changing one’s living habits. These factors are responsible for some of the aforementioned gland damage.

Other reasons males can be low on testosterone include poor circulation, hypertension and. Use of prescription or non-prescription medicines may also be a root cause of low testosterone. Mental problems, also, it’s thought in some circles may lead how to naturally boost testosterone ( a man to be affected reduced testosterone though there is no consensus on this.

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Even though the causes for low testosterone vary and many of them may be from one’s control, remedies in the form of testosterone replacement therapy do exist. These remedies consist of improving a man tight on testosterone to a regular testosterone level, thereby hopefully alleviating any signs from which he was suffering.

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