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Song TitleDusuma
ArtistOtile Brown featuring Meddy
ProducerMagix Enga
SongwritersOtile Brown, Meddy
GenreBongo Flava, R&B
Release DateNovember 20, 2020
Music Video DirectorHanscana
TagsDusuma, Otile Brown, Meddy, Bongo Flava, R&B, East African music, Magix Enga, Hanscana, lost love, regret, popular song.

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“Dusuma” by Otile Brown ft. Meddy – A Melodious Bongo Flava and R&B Hit

Dusuma” is a popular Swahili song by Kenyan musician Otile Brown, featuring Meddy, a Rwandan artist. It was released on November 20, 2020, and quickly gained popularity across East Africa and beyond. The song combines elements of Bongo Flava and R&B, creating a melodious and romantic tune.

“Dusuma” is a Swahili word that translates to “Regret” in English. The lyrics of the song revolve around a storyline of lost love and the regret that follows. Otile Brown and Meddy deliver heartfelt verses and harmonies, expressing their emotions and longing for a lost relationship. The track’s smooth and catchy melody, coupled with the artists’ soulful vocals, has made it a favorite among fans of East African music.

The music video for “Dusuma” was released on YouTube and has amassed millions of views since its debut. It showcases beautiful scenery and captures the emotional essence of the song, further enhancing its appeal. The collaboration between Otile Brown and Meddy has been well-received, as both artists are renowned for their talent and ability to create emotionally charged music.

“Dusuma” has solidified Otile Brown’s position as one of Kenya’s leading musicians and has also gained Meddy a broader fan base beyond Rwanda. The song’s popularity has contributed to its success on various music charts in East Africa and has made it a staple in playlists and radio airplay across the region.

Background and production

“Dusuma” by Otile Brown featuring Meddy was produced by Kenyan producer Magix Enga. Magix Enga is a renowned music producer and sound engineer known for his work in the East African music industry. He has collaborated with numerous artists and has been involved in the production of several hit songs.

The song was recorded at Magix Enga’s studio, where he worked closely with Otile Brown and Meddy to create the desired sound and atmosphere for “Dusuma.” The production process involved crafting the instrumental arrangement, including selecting the appropriate musical elements, such as the melodies, chords, and rhythm patterns, to complement the song’s theme and evoke the desired emotions.

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The production of “Dusuma” features a fusion of Bongo Flava, a popular music genre in Tanzania, and R&B influences, creating a unique blend of East African sounds and contemporary melodies. The combination of rhythmic Afrobeat percussion, soothing guitar melodies, and smooth vocal harmonies contributes to the song’s captivating and melodic nature.

Magix Enga’s production expertise shines through in “Dusuma,” as he effectively balances the musical elements to create a cohesive and sonically pleasing composition. The production quality, along with the artists’ performances, plays a significant role in the song’s overall success and appeal to a wide audience.

Overall, the collaborative efforts of Otile Brown, Meddy, and producer Magix Enga have resulted in the creation of “Dusuma,” a popular and well-received song in the East African music scene. Its catchy melody, emotional lyrics, and polished production have contributed to its widespread popularity and continued success.


The composition of “Dusuma” showcases a blend of musical elements that contribute to its overall appeal. The song is characterized by its melodious nature, heartfelt lyrics, and a fusion of Bongo Flava and R&B influences.

The instrumental arrangement of “Dusuma” features a combination of various musical elements. The rhythmic foundation is typically built on an Afrobeat-inspired percussion section, which creates an infectious groove and sets the tempo for the song. The use of drums, shakers, and other percussion instruments adds a lively and rhythmic energy to the composition.

Guitar melodies play a prominent role in “Dusuma,” contributing to its melodic and romantic atmosphere. The guitar lines are often melodic and soulful, weaving in and out of the song’s structure, providing a memorable musical backdrop.

Vocal harmonies are another key aspect of the song’s composition. Otile Brown and Meddy’s smooth and emotive vocals blend seamlessly, creating a rich and captivating sound. The harmonies add depth and emotional intensity to the lyrics, enhancing the overall impact of the song’s message.

Lyrically, “Dusuma” revolves around themes of lost love and regret. The lyrics express the pain and longing associated with a failed relationship, highlighting the emotional depth of the song. Otile Brown and Meddy’s heartfelt delivery further intensifies the emotional impact of the lyrics, connecting with listeners on a personal level.

The composition of “Dusuma” effectively combines these musical and lyrical elements to create a memorable and emotionally resonant song. It captures the essence of love and heartbreak, drawing listeners in with its melodious and relatable nature. The fusion of Bongo Flava and R&B influences adds a unique touch, making “Dusuma” stand out in the East African music landscape.

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“Dusuma” by Otile Brown featuring Meddy has had several impacts since its release. Here are some of the notable impacts of the song:

  1. Popularity and Chart Success: “Dusuma” quickly gained popularity and became a massive hit in East Africa and beyond. The song topped various music charts in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, including radio charts, streaming platforms, and music video charts. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics resonated with a wide audience, propelling it to mainstream success.
  2. Increased Recognition for Otile Brown and Meddy: The collaboration on “Dusuma” helped both Otile Brown and Meddy gain wider recognition and acclaim. The song showcased their vocal abilities and musical artistry, solidifying their status as talented and sought-after artists in the East African music scene. It also expanded their fan bases beyond their respective countries, increasing their international appeal.
  3. Cross-Border Collaboration: “Dusuma” brought together two prominent East African artists, Otile Brown from Kenya and Meddy from Rwanda. The collaboration helped foster cultural exchange and unity within the East African music industry. It showcased the potential for artists from different countries to collaborate and create impactful music together, strengthening regional musical connections.
  4. YouTube Views and Streaming Milestones: The music video for “Dusuma” garnered millions of views on YouTube within a short period. The visual representation of the song, featuring stunning locations and captivating storytelling, played a significant role in its success. The song also achieved remarkable streaming milestones on various platforms, further solidifying its impact and reach.
  5. Influence on East African Music: “Dusuma” has had a notable influence on the East African music landscape. Its fusion of Bongo Flava and R&B elements has inspired other artists to explore similar musical blends, contributing to the evolution and diversification of East African music. The song’s success has also set a benchmark for future collaborations and musical endeavors within the region.

Overall, “Dusuma” has made a significant impact in terms of popularity, chart success, recognition for the artists involved, cross-border collaboration, and influence on the East African music scene. Its widespread appeal and achievements have cemented its place as a standout song in the region and have left a lasting impression on listeners.

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Music video

The music video for “Dusuma” is a visually captivating production that complements the emotional depth of the song. Directed by Hanscana, the video takes viewers on a journey through stunning locations and effectively portrays the narrative of lost love and regret.

The video begins with Otile Brown and Meddy individually reflecting on their past relationships, emphasizing the feelings of longing and nostalgia. As the song progresses, the scenes alternate between the artists performing against scenic backdrops and cinematic storytelling sequences that depict the emotional journey.

The cinematography in the video is notable, capturing the beauty of natural landscapes and utilizing various visual techniques to enhance the storytelling. The use of vibrant colors, soft lighting, and wide shots creates a visually pleasing aesthetic, adding to the overall allure of the video.

The storyline of the video follows Otile Brown and Meddy as they recall memories and moments from their past relationships. It showcases the emotional turmoil and regret they experience, emphasizing the theme of lost love. The video effectively conveys the heartfelt emotions portrayed in the lyrics of the song, enhancing the viewer’s connection to the narrative.

Additionally, the chemistry between Otile Brown and Meddy is evident in their performances throughout the video. Their authentic and emotive expressions further reinforce the song’s message and add depth to the visual representation.

The music video for “Dusuma” has amassed millions of views on YouTube, demonstrating its popularity and resonance with viewers. Its artistic execution, compelling storytelling, and picturesque visuals have contributed to its success and further heightened the impact of the song.

Overall, the music video for “Dusuma” serves as a powerful visual accompaniment to the song, immersing viewers in a story of love and regret. It showcases the talent and artistry of Otile Brown and Meddy while capturing the attention and emotions of the audience.

Quotable Lyrics

Otile Brown, na Meddy nah nah

How deep is your love for me, yeah
Iyo nkunze sinzuyaza
Baby you’re sweet like a pineapple
Ohh darling, yeah
I took a bite n I fell in love, yeah

Would you call me honey (yeah, yeah)
Would you call me baby (baby love)
Would you kiss me daily
Baby, you’re my addiction
I be here for a good time, yeah a good time
I can stay for a long time, yeah a long time

Credits and Personnel

The credits and personnel for the song “Dusuma” by Otile Brown featuring Meddy are as follows:

  • Artists: Otile Brown, Meddy
  • Producer: Magix Enga
  • Songwriters: Otile Brown, Meddy
  • Music Video Director: Hanscana


Certainly! Here is an example of an FAQ presented in table form:

What is the title of the song?Dusuma
Who are the artists featured in the song?Otile Brown and Meddy
When was the song released?November 20, 2020
What genre does the song belong to?Bongo Flava, R&B
Who produced the song?Magix Enga
Who directed the music video?Hanscana
How popular is the song?The song quickly gained popularity and became a hit in East Africa and beyond. It has accumulated millions of views and topped various music charts.
What is the theme of the song?The song revolves around the theme of lost love and regret.
Are there any notable achievements associated with the song?Yes, “Dusuma” has garnered widespread acclaim, increased recognition for the artists, and contributed to their international appeal. It has also influenced the East African music scene and set new standards for collaborations.
Can you provide any information about the lyrics?The lyrics of “Dusuma” express the pain and longing associated with a failed relationship, conveying deep emotions and resonating with listeners.

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