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Download Dark Heart: Flight of the Harpies Free Pc Game

Dark Heart: Flight of the Harpies - Download PC Game Free

The legend spoke of an evil magician possessed the secret of eternal life by stealing the souls of several villagers. No mortal soul could stand against but there was a prophesy: One day, someone brave enough, would challenge the evil presence. The mage sent his Harpies to seize a fresh supply of souls. This time they took your parents! Only you can save them and defeat the dark mage.

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Dark Heart: Flight of the Harpies features:

– Save your parents;

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– Defeat the dark mage;

– Find friends who will help you;

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– Find out druid’s story in Bonus Chapter.


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  • 855 MB
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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