Colony Siege Free Download

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Colony Siege Free Download

Colony Siege combines the best of RTS and tower defense, including base building, mazing, and unit physics. Use shockwaves and spring traps to propel enemies into cliffs, lava, and other hazards. Build mechs, tanks, and other mobile units. Decimate massed enemies with air, missile, and orbital strikes. The expansive, non-linear campaign supports single player and 2 player online co-op.

Colony Siege Pre-Installed Game

Whether fighting the Xenos or the Riven, no colony building is safe from attack. While protecting the colony Citadel is your primary objective, the enemy will not discriminate when it comes to attacking your colony. Defend against the relentless biomechanical Xeno swarm as well as the corrupted Riven that were once human. Both enemy factions behave differently and require different tactics.

Repack by: Pirate

Game Size: 12 GB

Game: V Initial Release



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